Inward-faced plus tilt/turn, aluminum casement section windows, with wooden covering on the interior.

Rod-pressed, aluminum casement sections. Wood frames in accordance to Swedish Standard 056812. Float glass. Sealed with silicone weatherstrip. Chrome handle.


  • Coupled, bottom-hung 2+1. 
  • Side-hung with double or triple glazed insulating windows. 
  • Stationary frame with double or triple glazed insulating windows. 
  • Coupled, terrace doors 2+1. 
  • Terrace doors with double or triple glazed insulating windows. 
  • Notice: All openable windows can be manufactured with tilt/turn hardware. 

Aluminum casement sections are corrosion-resistant, shock-resistant, shape consistant; not to mention, maintenance-free and tightly sealed.
Interior frames made of wood help create pleasant surroundings. Water is drained off by way of the aluminum casement sections, so that fungus and wood-rot risk is eliminated.
Pre-drilled for assembly; weather-proofing plugs are provided.

Technichal Data:
U-values: 1,3-1,9 W/m² K.
Sound Reduction: 32-46 dB.

All sizes are available as standard. Frame depth: 78 mm.

Aluminum casement sections are supplied with nature or brown anodized surfaces, as well as polyester powder lacquered (60 - 100 my) surfaces in white or color of your choice. Wood parts are supplied with clear lacquer finish, glazed or paint coating in color of your choice. 

Vertical cross section

Tilt/turn with
double glazing. 

Vertical cross section

Tilt/turn with
coupled frame and
Venetian blind
in between. 

Leiba inward-faced window with turn/tilt hardware 
Cross-section of inward-faced turn/tilt window.
Notice: Executed in a variety of aluminum casement sections. Please contact us for further information. 
Custom Orders:

Windows: Supplied to meet your demands, for example: round, semi-round, hexagonal or octagonal.

Glass: Windows can be supplied with a variety of different 'special glass' types, such as: 

  • Energy glass (with insulative properties). 
  • Glass with sound reducing and glare reflecting properties. 
  • Decorative glass. 
  • Wire glass and Pyran fire glass for fire windows. 
  • Toughened or laminated safety glass. 

Windows can be supplied with a variety of different hardware types, such as: 

  • Child-proof handles. 
  • Safety flush- and cremone bolts . 
  • Ventilation hardware. 

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