Maintenance of powder coated facades 

There is no such thing as a 'maintinance-free' surface coating in the construction industry - Corro-Coat Polyester Facade Powderpaint* (Pe-F), although with Pe-F coatings, maintenance is reduced to a minimum while warranty programs can be provided.

Cleaning:  Recommended every six months, although exposed components should be cleaned more often. Your average 'dirt' is to be removed with the cleaning products included in the agreement without scouring effect or solvents.* 
Graffiti:  Remove with benzine, terpentine or in difficult cases, with methyl ethyl ceton (MEC)*. The cleaning is follwed up by a wax treatment with normal automotive care products.* When using methyl ethyl ceton(MEC), be sure not to polish the surface more than 4 to 5 times 
Repairs:  When repairing minor damage, where the underlying layer (metal) is not exposed: 
1. The damaged area is carefully polished without damaging the pre-treatment. 
2. Remove any excess/loose material . 
3. Apply repair lacquer. 

When repairing damage where the underlying metal is exposed: 
1. Polish and remove any excess and/or loose matter around the area to be repaired . 
2. Apply primer to exposed metal. 
3. Apply repair lacquer.

Primer:  We recommend Steel 1309 repair primer - does not contain zinc or cadmium. 
Repair paint:  We recommend Corro-Coat's repair coatings. 
Cleaning Solution:  Jotun 'Trade-wash'. 
Voks:  Jotun Norden Wax. 


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